Purpose of grants and supported fields

The Ella and Georg Ehrnrooth Foundation distributes grants to young postdoctoral researchers. Grants may also be awarded to complete the dissertation in the fields supported by the foundation.


Allocation criteria

When applying for a grant, please follow the instructions below. In particular, please note the following general principles:

  • During the research, a leave of absence is required (at least in part).

  • Young researchers are prioritized.

  • The foundation does not award grants for larger research projects through the open call in January to February.

  • The grant is primarily awarded to applicants who have already completed their PhD and for doctoral candidates in the final phase.

  • A statement of a grant applied for or obtained elsewhere for the same research must be attached.

  • Grants are not awarded for congress travel or for the purchase of equipment and supplies.

  • Grants will be awarded only to applicants who do not receive a "researcher salary".

The size and duration of the grant.

A full-time working grant is 30,000 € for doctoral candidates and 34,000 € for postdoctoral researchers.

Grants are awarded for one year at a time.

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