Recommendations attached to the grant application

Recommendations on the grant applicants are submitted on a web platform made for the referees. The deadline for submitting recommendations is the same as applications January–February.

Electronic recommendation system

Recommendations are delivered through an electronic recommendation system, will be treated confidentially and will not be returned. Recommendations sent by post, email or fax will not be accepted.


Recommendations will be treated confidentially. Grant applicants or other contributors do not have access to the recommendations you provide.

Issuing recommendations

Recommendations are submitted on the electronic reference system. They are submitted during the same period as the applications, January–February each year.

It is not necessary to send the electronically submitted recommendations separately by post. Registration is required to submit a recommendation. You can add new recommendations as well as edit and print the ones you submitted earlier. They are editable until the end of February.


There is no code or personal link required for submitting a recommendation. Applications and recommendations will be paired based on the applicant's name.