Instructions for grant receivers
Directives to be followed by all recipients of grants:

  • Grant receivers must deliver to the board of trustees a written report on the use of the grant within one year from receiving the grant. In the case of a grant received for several years, the report must be submitted within five years from receiving the grant. On request the recipient of the grant must submit an intermediary report on the progress of the research project to the foundation.
  • Payment of a grant given to a team requires that a payment instruction signed by all team members be sent to the Foundation.
  • When the grant is used to hire assistants, the receiver of the grant is liable to take care of tax withholding and the payment of social security and insurance contributions.
  • The receiver of the grant must declare the grant in his or her tax return. The Foundation will provide the tax authorities with a control report on the grants it has given in accordance with currently valid regulations.
  • The receiver of the grant must notify the Foundation without delay of any changes in his or her correspondence address.
  • The grant must be partly used at the latest within the following year after it has been granted.

Mela insurance for recipients of grants or scholarships

  • The Farmers' Social Insurance Institution Mela is responsible for the statutory pension (MYEL) and occupational accident insurance (MATA) of the persons who have a grant or a scholarship and who have to be insured in Finland as of the beginning of 2009. This insurance is mandatory.
  • The insurance secure, for the work on grant or scholarship, offered by Mela is available also for the foreign recipients of grants or scholarships if they are covered by the Finnish social security. This insurance cover is mandatory and all recipients of this insurance must be active in the application process.
  • The recipients of grants or scholarships must take out insurance if they work uninterruptedly for at least four months with a grant or scholarship awarded from Finland after 1st of Jan. 2009. The main rule is, that the grant recipient should work in Finland, but not as an employee to the grant issuer. Converted into annual earnings, the grant or scholarship awarded for artistic or scientific work must amount to at least € 3,280.47 (2009 level). The insurance can only be granted to persons between 18 and 67 years of age and who are not already recipients of an old age pension.

Time of grant decisions andpayment

The grants are decided in June. Grants are paid to the account stated by the grant receiver before the end of June. A list of the grant receivers and the amounts will be published on the Foundation’s web site.


Grants are exempt from tax up to a sum corresponding to the tax-exempt artist scholarships of the Finnish Government. For more information, please see

Every year we receive requests for postponing the payment of granted scholarships to the following year. Usually the recipient has received financing from several sources or the timetable has been delayed. Requests of this type are routinely approved by the Foundation.

This calls for a cautionary remark, however. If the recipient has already withdrawn part of a grant, the tax authority may make the interpretation that he/she already administers it and thus has the right of disposition to it, even if the money has not been withdrawn in full. (A more thorough discussion of this point can be found in an article by Matti Myrsky published in Acatiimi 4/2004.)